hazel riley author trainerI am a writer who draws her inspiration from many sources including nature, dance, mythology, popular culture, art and old movies. I have written two novels for teenagers Thanis and The Crying, both published by Oxford University Press.

I have just finished a new novel for young adults, The Serpent’s Kiss, set in Egypt, ancient and modern and am always working on new stories and ideas. It has to be said that I am much better at starting than finishing things, but I am very sure about completing my new project, a book about the moon as a source of magic and inspiration. I am researching Moon Goddesses and Gods, writing about ritual and retelling stories and fables from many cultures.

I am a practising pagan and have studied with different shamans and other teachers for over ten years.

I was born in Gateshead, but have sadly lost almost all trace of Geordie accent. I studied English Literature at York before moving to London where I have lived near Portobello Road for over 30 years.
I am now firmly rooted here and can often be found in Holland Park, Hampstead Heath, the Lisboa and Porto Cafes among other places. Much of my money goes to the Royal Opera House as I have a new found and very intense passion for ballet.

I am an experienced teacher in adult education, currently teaching academic writing and study skills on an Access Course at a local college. I also do some occasional coaching of aspiring writers, run small workshops and have written and published resources for beginner adult readers with my friend and colleague Myrna Shoa.