I wondered if I would like this new ballet based on a story by Audrey Niffenegger choreographed by Wayne McGregor as it can be difficult to like work by people whose inspirations are too similar to my own.  The opening sequence was very slow and the sight of Edward Watson riding round the stage on a bicycle did nothing to engage my interest (even though he is one of my favourite dancers). I did love the haunting music by Gabriel Yared. I can see why they wanted to take the audience on a journey from the mundane and routine to the increasingly strange, but some of the audience had no need of this and others were too resistant to ever enter these dark places.

This intriguing and unexplained tale of a raven girl who longs for wings became increasingly compelling. The choreography was beautiful and did evoke the secret life of birds. Special effects, film and costume all added to the immersion in the strange, dark world.  Love and longing, loss and failure were both familiar and unfamiliar. At the end I wanted to see  it again.