thanis hazel riley book coverIt is Jessica’s big chance, the chance to make her name as an artist. All she has to do is make a silver spiral for the mysterious Thanis. But why is the spiral so important? Does Thanis possess some strange power? Where does she come from? And will Jessica have to pay too high a price for her success? * A powerful debut novel from this new author. * A story full of mystery and magic which will appeal to readers with an interest in New Age. Suitable for a good reader who enjoys a dense and involving read. * Hazel Riley lives in London. * Book has received great reviews: ‘Thanis is gripping, mysterious and imaginative, and I couldn’t put it down’ — The Bookseller. ‘Imaginative and well written.’ — Junior Times. ‘I admit I tried to finish Thanis while driving – tribute to the great suspense in this Cornish spooky house and witches story.’ — The Times

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The Crying

The crying hazel riley book coverRecovering from a long illness, Sam moves into a flat of her own, to make a new, independent start. The only problem is that the spare room in the flat has something very wrongwith it. It’s cold, it has a strange atmosphere, and strange pools of water gather on the floor without explanation. Then the old lady downstairs, who keeps talking about someone called Grace, who she insists will be coming back to the flat. As Sam finds out the truth about Grace, and the reason the flat is haunted – with some hair-raising encounters with Grace’s ghost along the way – so she starts to come to terms with her own problems in a very satisfying conclusion.

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